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Let’s Catch Up

Okay, where to even begin? I feel like I’ve missed telling you about so much—this blog’s 2nd birthday, my 1-year wedding anniversary, and my very own birthday…that’s right, the big 3-0. October is my most favorite month of all and somehow the whole month has just passed by in a […]

Finding My Way Back... | Happy Fall | Love.Bake.Read

Finding My Way Back…

Howdy, friends! It’s been forever and a day since my last post, which I am super sorry about. I had zero intention of falling off the face of the earth, but sometimes life has a way of throwing out curveballs. The good news, though? I’m alive and well—hallelujah! :) And, I’ll […]

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Coffee Date

Sometimes all you need in life is a warm cup of coffee. You know, just a little something to sooth the soul and calm the mind. After yet another hectic week, I’m settling in for a coffee date here in this little space (click here for previous Coffee Date posts). […]

Coffee Date | Love.Bake.Read

Coffee Date 4

Howdy, friends! After a stressful week that kind of moseyed on by, I was looking forward to a relaxing + productive weekend. But, the weekend has come and almost gone and I didn’t quite accomplish what I’d hoped to. Instead, I just haven’t felt all that lovely, so yesterday was […]

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Mitten Love

Hiya! Good to be back, finally. I actually never intended to take a break, but we traveled home to the Mitten (Michigan, of course) for the 4th of July to visit family and well…my routine got all messed up. So, so typical when away from home. Same for you? Whenever we’re […]

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Love.Bake.Read is Official! 4

Today’s a big day for me and this blog of mine, and I’m really very excited. As you might have noticed…Love.Bake.Read is official!! That’s right—after 1½ years on Blogger, I finally made the move to WordPress. A GIGANTIC thank you to my hubby for all his help over the past weekend. […]