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Howdy, friends! After a stressful week that kind of moseyed on by, I was looking forward to a relaxing + productive weekend. But, the weekend has come and almost gone and I didn’t quite accomplish what I’d hoped to. Instead, I just haven’t felt all that lovely, so yesterday was spent curled up in my chair finishing up a book. I also managed to hop on the mat for some relaxing yoga. All-in-all, not too bad, but not real productive either. Bummer.

So, needless to say, I’m keeping things light today with a Coffee Date post (click here for previous ones). This type of post is always good for digging a little deeper into the personal aspect of life, which helps you all get to know me a little beyond the food. I’ve always been a fan of food blogs that include personal touches, so I try to do the same here in this space.

Coffee Date | Love.Bake.Read

So anyway, let’s get to chatting over coffee! :) Coffee of choice today? For me, Morning Roast from Aldi. Love that I get to grind the whole coffee beans myself. The smell is heavenly! Can’t beat enjoying a few good cups with some brown sugar and honey. Oh my goodness, soooo delicious! Mm!

I started a new book today and am pretty excited about it. It’s called Life from Scratch, and I just happened to see it at the library while standing in line, so I picked-it up. The book is written by Sasha Martin, creator of the blog Global Table Adventure. Basically, she made 195 recipes from 195 countries in 195 weeks. How awesome is that? It didn’t dawn on me until I read the line about recipes from all around the world that Steve had briefly mentioned this to me after reading about her blog in The Happiness of Pursuit. Funny how that happened. So far, so good—can’t wait to dive further in. Did I mention the book includes lots of yummy recipes?!

I recently began listening to podcasts—Steve listens to them all time, and my friend, Sarah, does as well. Both have been telling me how awesome they are, so I decided to give ‘em a go. On our drive home from the Mitten, I listened to 5 podcasts in a row. Whew. Definitely helped pass the time!

Bjork Ostrom, husband of Linsday Ostrom from the blog Pinch of Yum, recently started the Food Blogger Pro Podcast. I was actually super thrilled about this, so I ended up listening to the first 2 episodes. Looooove it! A lot of helpful information from a powerhouse blogging couple.

After that, I listened to The Lively Show podcast with Jess Lively, which is the podcast Sarah encouraged me to listen to. Her podcast is all about living life with intention, which I think we can all appreciate. Speaking of, this was one of my personal goals (see here and here) for this year—learning how to live with intention. Better late than never!

I listened to 3 of The Lively Show podcasts and loved them all. The first was an interview with Gretchen Rubin, author of the new book Better than Before: Mastering Habits Based on Your Personality. She also wrote The Happiness Project, which I absolutely loved. Then I listened to an interview with Farnoosh Torabi, creator of the podcast So Money! And lastly, I listened to Jess’ interview with Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum.

If you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon, doooo it! I downloaded the app Podcast Addict and then searched out the podcasts from there. Awesome app!

Since I mentioned personal goals and living with intention, I absolutely must mention yoga. As you may already know from a previous post, I started a 30 Days of Yoga challenge from Yoga with Adriene, and you guessed it, I LOVED it! :) I completed the challenge this past Wednesday—that’s right, I did all 30 days in a row. I didn’t skip a single day, not even while in Michigan. And it seems I’ve (finally!) formed a new habit, because today will make 34 days of yoga in a row. Yep, I’m going to keep it going. I’ve been really, really wanting to practice yoga more and now I am. Yay! There are tons of yoga videos on Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel. Sa-weet!

And now for a little blog-related chatting.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m really trying to pick-up my social media game. So far, I think I’m doing okay, but boy is it a lot to keep up with. Ha! I’ve got Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ down, and I’m slowly figuring out Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to come connect with me! I’d love to hear from you.

I say all this to say that I need to reorganize my days to better fit all of these things into the mix. Social media can take up a portion of everyday all on its own. Whew! I’ll still continue to post on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, so no worries. I just need to get a schedule in order for all the other days of the week to help keep myself sane. Hm, will have to give this some thought.

Lately I’ve been thinking about baking more sweets to post about. After all, who doesn’t love sugary goodness? :) I know my co-workers would be happy, since they get to enjoy any leftovers. Plus, I started this blog with baking in mind (hence the name!). It’s just that, along the way, I kind of fell really in love with savory food too, which I adore posting about. Perhaps it’s all about balance. Opinions welcome!

So anyway, let me sign off before I chat you to bits! ;) Take it easy and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Date

  • Jess Lively

    Thank you so much for sharing The Lively Show! It’s wonderful to hear you are enjoying the episodes you’ve listened to so far. : )


    • Francesca Post author

      Jess, thanks so much for stopping by! I’ve been listening every chance I get. Love what you do! :)

  • Sarah S.

    Love this blog post! I am happy to hear you are enjoying The Lively Show. I am addicted! I think I’ve listened to every episode twice. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to improve their life and live life with intention. Jess does a great job! I also need to give the 30 day yoga challenge a try. Thanks for the info! :)

    • Francesca Post author

      So sweet, Sarah! :) Looking forward to continuing to listen to The Lively Show podcast. I feel like there is so much knowledge to soak up. And yes, do the yoga challenge!!

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