Black Bean Pepper Jack Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

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You’re going to loooove these stuffed peppers! All you have to do is prepare them and toss ‘em in the oven to bake. Not much hands-on time at all, which means this is a quick and easy crowd-pleaser that’s perfect for a weeknight meal. Oh, and they are sure to be one of the best meals to ever land on your table. Tall order? Nah.

Black Bean Pepper Jack Quinoa Stuffed Peppers | Love.Bake.Read

These stuffed peppers are kind of like enchiladas, Mexican Lasagna, and Tex-Mex Quinoa Casserole all rolled into one. Ah-mazing! So simple, yet so incredibly packed with wow-your-mouth flavor. This recipe calls for medium enchilada sauce, which is a bit more spicy than mild, and it works perfectly in this stuffed pepper mixture. The enchilada sauce in combination with the other spices realllllly push these stuffed peppers over the edge.

Black Bean Pepper Jack Quinoa Stuffed Peppers | Love.Bake.Read

You know what else makes these stuffed peppers so ridiculously good? Shredded pepper jack cheese! Lots of it. Sure you can substitute other cheeses, but pepper jack is where it’s at. You will find pockets and pockets of melted pepper jack all throughout these peppers, and really I’m not sure life gets much better than that.

The cheese + the refried beans make these peppers so.super.creamy. So much in fact that that’s really all I could say while stuffing my face. The refried beans were like magic—who knew they were capable of making something so creamy and downright delicious?!

Black Bean Pepper Jack Quinoa Stuffed Peppers | Love.Bake.Read

You can top these peppers with whatever you’d like—sour cream, Greek yogurt, chopped green onions, avocado, you name it! We kept ours simple with Greek yogurt and green onions—the peppers really have enough flavor all on their own.

Make ‘em. Love ‘em. Eat ‘em. Repeat.

Black Bean Pepper Jack Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Yields 6 peppers


  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa
  • 6 bell peppers
  • 1 (14.5 oz.) can fat-free refried beans
  • 3 cups cooked black beans (or use 2 cans—drained and rinsed)
  • 3 cups shredded pepper jack cheese—divided use
  • 1½ cups medium red enchilada sauce
  • 2 tsp. chili powder
  • 1½ tsp. cumin
  • 1 tsp. onion powder
  • ½ tsp. garlic powder
  • ½ tsp. – ¾ tsp. salt
  • Optional toppings: sour cream, plain Greek yogurt, avocado, chopped green onions


Cook the quinoa according to package directions.

Cut the tops of the peppers off and remove the seeds. You might need to barely trim the bottom of the peppers to ensure they stay upright—don’t overdo it or the filling will leak through the bottom.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Spray a baking dish with non-stick spray.

In a large bowl, mix together the cooked quinoa and refried beans. Add the remaining ingredients (black beans through salt) and mix until well combined. Taste and adjust salt, if necessary—how much salt you use will depend on your enchilada sauce and whether or not you use cooked or canned beans.

Fill each pepper to the top. Place the peppers upright in the prepared baking dish. Pour in about an inch or two of water. Cover the dish with foil (spray the inside with non-stick spray to prevent sticking). Bake for 45 minutes. Remove from the oven and add the remaining pepper jack cheese to the top of each pepper. Cover with the same foil and bake for 15 additional minutes.


Minimally adapted from Pinch of Yum

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