Monthly Archives: April 2015


Black Bean Pepper Jack Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

You’re going to loooove these stuffed peppers! All you have to do is prepare them and toss ‘em in the oven to bake. Not much hands-on time at all, which means this is a quick and easy crowd-pleaser that’s perfect for a weeknight meal. Oh, and they are sure to […]


Sweet Potato Lentils

What a week! Glad the weekend is right around the corner. Whew. Any fun plans for the weekend? None here—I’ll just be straight relaxing and enjoying this cool weather. Hopefully I can squeeze some reading time in. My mind is craving a good book…I can slowly feel myself shutting down, […]


Creamy Spinach & White Bean Shrimp Enchiladas 2

Check out these beauties! If you love a jam-packed good meal then this one is for you. They’re full of good-for-you foods like quinoa, spinach, beans, mushrooms, and of course shrimp. Now, I originally used salad shrimp, but I modified the recipe below to use chopped medium-sized shrimp—just because they’re […]