Personal Goals: An Update

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Did you have a good 3-day weekend? They’re never long enough, I know. For me, at least the last few days were quiet and peaceful, even gloomy, which was just perfect. I’m a simple girl, so no complaints from me. You know what makes a gloomy day even better? Coffee, of course. I’ve had my fair share lately and am loving it—a little more on this in a bit.

Personal Goals: An Update l Love.Bake.Read

So, I wanted to take some time and talk about goals for this year. About 3 weeks ago, I posted about my personal goals for the year, which is a first for me. I don’t typically set strict goals, but that all changed with this New Year. I’m actually quite happy that I shared my goals with you because it helps hold me accountable. I couldn’t write goals for the world to see and then never follow-up, could I?

I’m happy to report I’ve been doing fairly well so far. Let me tell you about the goals I’m currently working on:

  • Eating healthier on a regular basis
  • Eating fewer sweets
  • Exercise consistently—so, so close
  • Yoga
  • Quality time with My Hubby

Eating healthy isn’t hard, I don’t think. I love making good food just as much as I love eating good food. Slowly but surely, we’ve been adding more and more healthy ingredients to our diet. For example, fresh fruits & veggies, quinoa, nuts, and seeds. A good eating day goes something like this: smoothie for breakfast (like these), Mixed Berry Greek Yogurt Parfait for my mid-morning snack, veggie wrap for lunch (hummus slathered on a tortilla with about 2 cups of veggies) + fruit of some sort, a quick snack after work sometimes (a few prunes or nuts), then a healthy dinner. We plan our meals out every week, so we know what to buy since we’re on a budget (you can read about our deft-free journey here). I really try not to repeat dinners, so we’re always having something different and yummy. Eating really healthy has been surprisingly easy and I love it!

Personal Goals: An Update l Healthy Foods l Love.Bake.Read
Clockwise from top left: Berry-Kale Almond Butter Smoothie, Thick & Creamy Black Bean Soup,
Mixed Berry Greek Yogurt ParfaitTex-Mex Quinoa Casserole

Also, I haven’t eaten any sweets (none!) in 3 weeks, which is HUGE. Like I said, my snacks now consist of fruit, prunes, and nuts. I really enjoy apples with almond butter, as well as prunes since they help curb my sweet tooth. What can I say? They are naturally sweet, which means I’m not filling my body with added sugar. Let me tell you—I’ve passed up donuts, mounds of tootsie rolls, a box of Whitman’s chocolates, and so much more. I’ve tried not eating sweets at least twice before, but each time I only lasted a few months. Sooo…I’m going to REALLY try this time to make a lifestyle change, not just try for a temporary solution. The best part about this is that I don’t have a sugar belly—you know, that bloated weighed-down feeling. I actually feel quite good!

We kind of fell off the bandwagon with our workouts—regrettable for sure, but we’re making strides toward correcting this. We were going to the gym 4 days per week on the regular and now we’re back up at 3. Almost there! The hard part is getting up at 4am. I know. We may be just a touch crazy, eh?! We tried evening workouts a long time ago and just didn’t like it. So now, we go to bed early and get up early. We barely have any time to relax in the evening, but it just works better. Getting 7 hours of sleep (we make it a priority!) each night makes it’s easier to get up at 4am. Safe to say, we’re working our way back up.

Personal Goals: An Update l Fat Free Yoga l Love.Bake.Read

And now for yoga! I haven’t quite reached my goal of 3 days per week (my non-gym days), but I’m trying. I typically squeeze in 2 days, which is fairly good. I love my Fat-Free Yoga DVD because I can customize my workout—you can pick different segments and order them however you want. I usually select enough segments to last an hour. I also recently created an account on Do Yoga with Me in order to try some new types of yoga. I don’t quite have good balance yet, but I love trying new poses. Can I just say that yoga is amazingly calming? When I have a busy day at work, I go home, grab my yoga mat from the trunk, put on my yoga pants and get right at it. There’s nothing better. Any recommendations for yoga DVDs or other yoga websites? Next up, I plan to check You Tube.

And last, but not least. I spend every day with My Hubby, and I love it, so I wanted to up the ante and spend more quality time together. Because of this, we’ve been making it a priority to sit together every morning with a cup of coffee and just talk. No cell phones allowed because they are nothing but a distraction and a time waster. So, I get up and get ready for work, flip the switch to brew our pot of coffee, prepare our coffee mugs with creamer and what not, and then I wake up My Hubby and we sit together for about 30 minutes. Then all the blissfulness ends and we have to get to work. It’s been lovely quality time together and I look forward to it every morning. Even on our workout days, we still sit down for coffee afterwards. Love it!

Personal Goals: An Update l Coffee Dates l Love.Bake.Read

Now, it’s your turn! Did you set any personal goals for the New Year? If so, how are things going so far? I’d love to hear what you’re up to! :)

Psst! This started out as a Coffee Date post, but then it turned into this—love when that happens! Look out for that Coffee Date post soon, though.

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