Money Monday: Our Elopement

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Happy Monday! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a Money Monday post, so I thought I’d take the time to post about the cost of our elopement, considering we got married right in the middle of paying off our debt.

Money Monday: Our Elopement l Love.Bake.Read

When we started the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt back in 2011, we thought for sure that we wouldn’t be able to get married until our debt was completely paid off. But, odd numbers aren’t my thing, so we had no intention of getting married in the year 2015—that’s right, we will be debt-free THIS year—and we also didn’t want to wait until 2016. So, a year ago, in January 2014, we decided that we’d get married in October 2014. We’d always wanted an October wedding and it just so happened to be the perfect date for us too—10.12.14, to be exact. Allll even numbers! :)

Money Monday: Our Elopement l Showalter's Orchard l Love.Bake.Read

But, before we get to the nitty gritty, let me mention that I’ve already written a post about Planning Our Elopement as well as a post all about Our Intimate Elopement at Showalter’s Orchard in the Shenandoah Valley, so I won’t repeat any of those details here. However, missing from both of those posts is the money aspect of our elopement, which was done on purpose, because I wanted to save those details for this post. You see, I’m always planning ahead!

Okay. On to the cost of our elopement!

Steve and I were very mindful about how much we spent on our elopement, simply because we wanted to keep the momentum going for paying off our debt. We certainly didn’t want to put paying our debt on hold, so we did our best to incorporate the cost of our elopement without slowing down progress. So, in the months leading up to October, we began buying everything we’d need for our big day. We felt this was the best strategy for us, and it worked like a charm.

Money Monday: Our Elopement l Showalter's Orchard l Love.Bake.Read

In June 2014, we purchased the first item for our elopement, which was my dress—I’m not much of a dress-girl, so I kept it simple and elegant with a fitted lace dress from Nordstrom Rack. Then slowly but surely we bought shoes, earrings, dress pants for Steve, our rings, and whatever else we needed. We also had to pay a bit up front for our Bed & Breakfast suite, plus we had to pay in-full for our 1-night hotel stay. So really, we paid for everything over the course of about 3+ months.

So, let’s break it down:

Category Items Cost
Me Dress $42.37
Cardigan $15.85
Undergarments $5.30
Earrings $13.78
Scarf $0 – Borrowed
Shoes $42.35
Perfume $23.31
Diamond Wedding Band $1,589.99
Steve Dress Shirt $0 – Already had
Dress Pants $34.97
Socks $6.65
Shoes $54.99
Cologne $31.54
Wedding Band $224.71
Accommodations Hotel $169.81
Bed & Breakfast $545.59
Elopement & Pictures Marriage License $30.00
Showalter’s Orchard $100 – By choice, No fee
Officiant – Bonnie $100 – By choice, Fee was $60
Caroline Meyers Photography $300
Showalter’s Coffee Mugs $12.74
Showalter’s Apple Cider $4.00
McDonald’s Coffee $2.85
Blueberry Fritter $2.25
Georgetown Cupcakes $17.49
Banners $33.25
Other Items Thank You Cards $1.03
Elopement Night Dinner $35.07
Gas $39.18
Official Marriage Certificate $3.00
Total Cost of Elopement $3,482.07

The overall cost of our elopement was not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Perhaps you’re wondering how I still know the exact price of each item we bought? Well, we track all of our expenses—down to the exact penny—in an Excel spreadsheet, so all of this info was easily accessible. Pretty nifty, eh?

Planning our elopement was seamless and stress-free + we pulled it off without incurring any additional debt. I think Dave Ramsey would be proud! ;) I’d like to point out that a majority of our cost was our wedding bands—$1,814.17. Had we gone with an inexpensive wedding band for me, our elopement would’ve cost less than $2,000.

Money Monday: Our Elopement l Showalter's Orchard l Love.Bake.Read

Not only was our elopement incredibly affordable, it was exactly what we’d hoped for—simple, intimate, and just the two of us.

February 12th marks our 4-month wedding anniversary, which is also our 12-year dating anniversary. Talk about exciting!

Cheers to LOVE!

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