Christmas in Michigan

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Happy Monday! Did you have a good holiday?! Mine was good—Steve and I spent the week at home in Michigan visiting family and friends. We arrived on Monday evening and went straight to Tim Hortons (as always!) and sat inside to enjoy a cup of joe together. Then we headed on to my parents’ house to see everyone and to enjoy some pasta and fresh bread for dinner. Yum!

Tim Hortons l Christmas in Michigan l Love.Bake.Read

I woke up at 5am on Tuesday to do some work on the computer, which was me trying to stick to my routine of waking up early. That began and ended on Tuesday morning…I was on vacation after all. For the afternoon, we made plans with my family to try out Nonna’s Italian Kitchen, a restaurant that makes panelle, one of my favorite street foods from Sicily, Italy. Panelle are basically chickpea fritters deep fried to golden perfection and stacked high on a soft bun to make one incredible sandwich. No panelle sandwich would be complete though without a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. When my family and two of my best friends went to Sicily in 2001 we chowed down on panelle sandwiches every time we hit the beach because there was a panelle food truck literally parked right there. Definitely nostalgic!

Nonna's Italian Kitchen l Christmas in Michigan l Love.Bake.Read

I also got to visit with my best friend, which was lovely! Remember when Steve and I met up with her and her boyfriend back in July…and I said I’m pretty certain he was the one for her?! Well, right I was! They recently got engaged and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them! He proposed with an incredible solitaire engagement ring that is perfectly her—simple, elegant, and classy. So, so happy for them!!

Engagement Ring l Christmas in Michigan l Love.Bake.Read
Photo courtesy of my best friend

Let me also mention that she sent me home that night with a bag of delicious holiday yumminess—also known as Cheerios, Chex cereal, M&Ms, and peanuts coated in melted white chocolate. Safe to say that didn’t last long. She also gave me some yummy freshly baked peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies that were gone as soon as we picked up of cup of Timmy’s coffee. You see, this is why we’re best friends. She knows me well.Christmas in Michigan l Love.Bake.Read

The rest of our trip was spent visiting with our families. We stay at my parents’ house, but always head over to Steve’s parents’ house to spend time with them too. This time, we also got to see Steve’s brother who was home for the holiday—we don’t get to see him often, so it was nice to catch up. We’re definitely considering a trip down south to see him and his girlfriend so we can all be foodies together. I hear there are some good eats in the south!

Christmas in Michigan l Love.Bake.Read

I hope you had a few good days off work and a lovely holiday. We’re now looking forward to New Year’s Eve when we’ll be making some good food, including my Super Cheesy Macaroni & Cheese…with Wisconsin sharp cheddar. Talk about YUM! I’ll also be making Steve’s mom’s hot artichoke dip, which is a first for me. We are thinking of topping our meal off with a dessert…but those darn extra holiday pounds are weighing on our minds. Time to hunker down and work it off!

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