Monthly Archives: September 2014


Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad

Fall weather makes me giddy. I am loving this! The air is crisp and cool, and the leaves are starting to change colors ever so slightly. There’s just nothing like it. This is the time of year when I feel most at peace. Why can’t it be fall all year […]


Coconut-Carrot Puree with Pan-Fried Tilapia

This simple yet elegant meal will knock your socks off. It makes for a quick and easy weeknight meal, but would also be great for entertaining. How gorgeous is this Coconut-Carrot Puree? So bright with such a popping color, it draws you right in. The puree is super simple. All […]


Lentil & Veggie Bowl with Lime-Soy Dressing

What a busy few weeks it’s been. I’ve missed my little space in the blogosphere, but I’m back now, so let’s get down to business. I’ve mentioned before that Steve and I tend to eat relatively healthy with a few splurge meals every now and then—a good balance, if you […]


Happy Almost Fall

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here this past week. My schedule has been all out of whack, and I’ve just been downright exhausted all week long. I’ll return to posting regularly again this coming week, but in the meantime… Happy almost fall! Erie Orchards & Cider Mill – Erie, MI […]


Broccoli & Pea Pasta

Isn’t it strange how a short work-week actually feels like a very long week? I can’t seem to keep my days straight. Steve even woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday! What the heck is going on!? I suppose we’re ready for another weekend, huh? Last weekend was really […]