Virtual Coffee Date #4

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I have been craving coffee like whoa lately. I’m not really a regular coffee drinker, but Panera’s hazelnut coffee really did me in. I.need.some. Steve and I are planning a coffee date for tomorrow night since I can’t shake the craving. If you haven’t already tried the hazelnut coffee, you should…and you should take a cup home and chill it in the refrigerator. Oooh, it tastes like candy when it’s cold. Yummmmy!

Panera Bread Coffee l Virtual Coffee Date #4 l Love.Bake.Read

Speaking of coffee dates; let’s kick ours off, shall we?! So, I’ve been extra tired this week. I came back from vacation to deadline after deadline at work. I hit the ground running and haven’t stopped in almost 2 weeks. I came home work twice this week and fell right asleep for hours. I’d really prefer to enjoy my evenings, instead of sleeping them away. Have to work on that.

Generally speaking, my life feels incredibly disorganized lately. I really have to step up my game! Tell me, how do you organize your days? I swear by my Outlook calendar for work, but a calendar for home just doesn’t work for me (yet!?). I tried my Google calendar, but it’s so easy to not follow. Grr! Guess it’s best if a I take a few hours to write down some ideas and start experimenting. It just takes finding what works for me, I suppose.

I’m still very much struggling with not having a budget for baking. I want so much to post all.the.time about sweets, but it’s just not an option right now. I feel like I cannot make this blog into what I want it to be without a budget for doing so. Self-discipline is sooooo hard, but I have to stay focused until we’re out of debt (click here for more on that). Sometimes I just want to kick and scream like a kid who doesn’t get their way. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ß that’s me kicking and screaming.

In other news, I think I’m getting old. I’m less than a year and a half from 30. Ooooh, that makes me cringe. Maybe I need to make one of those “30 before 30” lists to make myself feel better about this. It’s not really the number that makes me feel old, it’s just that years are passing by and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much. Is that a typical feeling? Maybe so. Go ahead and tell me it is. Please?

Confession. I haven’t read in almost 2 weeks. That’s ridiculous, I tell you. I started a really good book on our way back from Our Trip to the Mitten (Part 1, Part 2), but I had to return the book half read. Again. This keeps happening to me. I need to start speed reading, or maybe I just need to take more time to read. Have you read any good books lately? Tell me, tell me, so I can put them on hold at the library.

My mindset appears to be a bit on the negative side lately, so I have to work on changing that. How do you keep a positive mindset? I enjoy being a positive, sunny person who is always optimistic—I need to find my way back to that place. My motto has always been the sun is somewhere shining even when it rains. You might remember that from “How You Gunna Act Like That” by Tyrese Gibson. Yessss, that’s a super old song. See, I am getting old. It’s confirmed.

Take it easy and have a lovely day today! Psst…really, grab a hazelnut coffee from Panera and pop it in the fridge for later. You won’t be sorry.

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