Love Yourself

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Thank you to Greg Dupuie Photography!!

I’m disappointed in myself. And society. Why?! Because I look at this picture of myself with my sweet and beautiful niece, and I immediately start picking myself apart. At first glance, the picture is gorgeous, but then I look closer.

…and closer.

You know what I see? Imperfect teeth that could be a few shades whiter. Wrinkles, or “crow’s feet”, around my eyes. A deep crease in the skin between my eyes. Scraggly hair. Acne scars on my cheek near my mouth. My big nose.

Take a look at my texts to my sister upon seeing this picture:

“…wish someone would’ve told me my hair was scraggly”

“…I look olllllld”

“He needs to Photoshop them wrinkles and acne scars, I tell you”

This is a direct result of the pressure society puts on girls and women to be perfect. I am not perfect. No one is. But, I am me. The person in that picture is me—imperfect, no retouches, no airbrushing—just me, in my purest form. Society needs to lead by example and encourage girls and women to love themselves as they are. There are a few examples that come to mind…

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty—we need more campaigns like this one.

Colbie Caillat’s music video for her new song Try. I love that she goes make-up free in parts of the video. She looks drastically different without make-up, but she’s still beautiful. That’s the message that needs to be sent to girls and woman alike—you’re beautiful just as you are. My favorite lyrics from the song:

Take your make-up off

Let your hair down

Take a breath

Look into the mirror, at yourself

Don’t you like you?

Cause I like you

Aerie’s Real campaign.

Time to think real.

Time to get real.

No supermodels.

No retouching.


The real you is sexy.

When I looked at this picture (the first one in the article) it was refreshing because I thought to myself that’s more like it, my thighs and belly look more like that.

Campaigns like these help shine light on the illusion that woman look anything at all like the pictures we see online and in magazines.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see what I see in that picture of me up there. On the contrary, I actually like me. I love my hair, my eyes, my smile. In fact, I love my body too. Therefore, it boggles my mind that it’s so easy for me to rip myself apart for the way I look in a picture. I think the difference is that the picture is frozen in time—making it easy to skip past the beauty and begin pointing out the flaws. But that’s no excuse. At the end of the day, there is no reason for me to completely fail to see the beauty in this picture.

After all the negativity, my thoughts are as they should’ve been from the start…

  • What a lovely moment, captured in time
  • Such a beautiful hair color I have
  • Gosh, isn’t my niece absolutely gorgeous—those perfect little lips, beautiful eyes, chubby cheeks, sweet little nose
  • So much love in this picture
  • Love how her little hand is grasped on my tank-top

You see, it’s the little things.

Just be you. Love yourselfbecause you’re perfect just the way you are.

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