Throwback to Brooklyn, NY

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I always see Throwback Thursday pictures on Instagram, so I thought why not do a #tbt post. You’re probably thinking today is Friday. Um, you’re right. It’s just that Steve and I decided to watch White House Down last night, so my #tbt post is making an appearance today…on a Friday. Better late than never! Good movie, by the way. Give it a watch.

Brooklyn College l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

When I think about my past I think about Brooklyn, NY because Steve and I lived there for a few years. In the spring of 2006, Steve found out he was accepted to a graduate program at the City University of New York, which meant he had to actually move there. That August we flew to NYC to search for an apartment for Steve. I didn’t join him until August 2007 since I had to complete my undergraduate studies.

Graduation 2006 l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

Steve first visited NYC that spring to feel it out, but my first time visiting was when we went to search for a place. What more can I say besides I wasn’t impressed. Now this was earth shattering for me because I had big dreams about living in NYC. I thought it was supposed to be glamorous. Sex & the City let me down. Oh did it ever.

NYC Subway l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

I remember taking a bus from the airport to Harlem, I think. From there we took the subway to Avenue X in Brooklyn to see an apartment. I started to panic a little inside once we stepped out of the subway station and headed for the apartment. Wait, I take that back. I started panicking as soon as I stepped foot on the bus. It was all just so different from the small Midwest town we grew up in. We checked out the Avenue X apartment and quickly passed on it. Although, it came with a free lamp. Ugh, as if that made a difference.

Apartment Search in NYC l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

Random building – We didn’t look at a place here

We took the subway and walked from apartment to apartment. All of which we found on Craigslist. It was almost 100 degrees outside and we didn’t make time to stop by our hotel first, so we were stuck to carry around the bags we brought. Goodness, it was pure misery. I think I had water and Pringles until we were finally able to eat that night. Our first real meal in NYC was—wait for it—Sbarro’s pizza…while sitting outside on a window ledge. Epic fail.

Coney Island l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

We did finally find an apartment—the last one we had scheduled to look at that day. It was like a diamond in the rough, for NYC anyway. The tiny kitchen was what won us over, as it had recently been remodeled. Like new, if you will. It was also a rather large apartment, which was a plus. Steve lived there by himself until I joined him, and it’s where we remained until we moved in July 2009. No way were we going to search for a new place after the experience we had. Are you kidding me?!

Brooklyn Apartment l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

Our previous residence

You just wouldn’t believe the apartments we seen. One was really very nice, but I’m quite sure the landlord was into something…suspicious. The Sopranos ring a bell? He asked us if we’d like to hop in the car with him to go check out some mafia houses, or something of that sort. We politely declined. We also walked through an apartment full of garbage. The previous tenant had left junk everywhere, including in the refrigerator. The landlord there generously offered us $300 off the first month’s rent if we cleaned the place ourselves. What?!?! Crazy talk.

Hotel 57 View l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

View from Hotel 57 in Manhattan

I swear to you that I have stories for DAYS about Brooklyn and NYC in general. It just wasn’t our cup of tea. My word. Now don’t get me wrong—Steve and I will definitely return to the city for a weekend visit. Will we ever life there again? Not a chance.

Di Fara Pizza l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

I’d love to hear if any of you have similar stories. Life’s an adventure, no doubt about it. We did find a few gems in the city—DiFara’s Pizza on Avenue J in Brooklyn and Central Park in Manhattan. Absolute GEMS!

Central Park l Throwback to Brooklyn, NY l Love.Bake.Read

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