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Today marks 1 WHOLE year since Steve and I stopped eating meat, and I’m super proud of us. In April 2012, I read the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, and his book is the reason I began paying attention to my meat consumption. I’d love to read it again, so that I can post about it in depth. Anyway, after reading that book I stopped eating meat for 3 months, but then we visited home for the 4th of July and my dad bought raw burgers from Wendy’s and grilled them himself. That broke me at the time, and it took close to 11 months to get back on track and finally give up meat for good.

"Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer l Meat-Free for 1 Year! l Love.Bake.Read

What helped get me back on track—and convinced Steve to stop eating meat—was when we ate hot dogs wrapped in bacon on Memorial Day last year. We felt disgusting for DAYS. Ugh! I don’t miss that feeling one bit. I’ve never been a huge fan of meat, so not eating meat hasn’t been an issue for me at all. I feel a thousand times better! Meat used to weigh me down and make me feel downright gross.

When people find out I don’t eat meat they typically say oh, you’re a vegetarian and my usual response is no, I just don’t eat meat. I still eat fish, so I think maybe I’m a pescatarian. I’ve not yet educated myself enough to confidently refer to myself as anything in particular. This is just what works for me.

I think people often assume that a person is all-around healthy just by being a vegetarian or pescatarian, but I have certainly found this to be false. There are still SO many ways for me to improve my diet that I’ve yet to explore. I definitely need to cut back on the amount of sweets I eat—chocolate and sugar are major downfalls for me. I almost completely eliminated sweets from my diet for a solid 3 months before, so I know it’s possible. I hate that ‘sugar belly’ feeling. You know, that feeling you get after eating a lot of sugar? Ugh, it’s icky and makes me feel so bloated.

My main goal is to be healthy and to feel good about myself—so far, so good. Not eating meat is a huge first step for me, so now it’s time for me to tackle my sweets addiction. I know I will feel phenomenal once I do!

Psst! Don’t be silly—I could never give up sweets entirely. :o) I just need to dial it back a few notches.

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