Monthly Archives: April 2014


Money Monday: Discovering Dave Ramsey

It’s Money Monday! In my first Money Monday post, I talked about how Steve and I buried ourselves in debt. Loans, loans, and more loans. We just kept happily digging ourselves a deeper hole all while thinking it was completely normal. We kept on that way until one day Steve […]


Pinto Bean & Tofu Enchiladas 2

Before we stopped eating meat, one of our favorite meals was Beef Enchiladas from Heather Eats Almond Butter. The filling was so easy to make. Now I use the same basic idea for meatless enchiladas—Pinto Bean & Tofu Enchiladas. Mmm! Let me tell you about the tofu first. All you […]


Breakfast Hash with Eggs

Today I have for you a very breakfast-like dinner. For me, it’s a wee heavy for breakfast, but it makes for a fabulous dinner. It’ll leave you feeling healthy-full instead of heavy-full. You know what I’m talking about. Every bite of this meal has plenty of spice and hint of […]


The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern 2

Smooth jazz is so incredibly relaxing! I’ve been listening to it for the last hour or so and I could totally go for a nap right now. It’s like a breath of fresh air because it allows my brain to focus on the music, instead of other thoughts. Speaking of […]


New Series: Money Monday

Happy Monday morning to you! Let’s talk money today. Money Monday—has a nice ring to it. I’m always mentioning that Steve (My Love) and I are on a strict budget, so it’s about time I tell you what led to our strict ways. I’ll start by saying we were young […]


Spicy Southwest Pasta 2

Another busy work week flew right on by, so I’m using today to relax and unwind. Definitely been feeling a bit exhausted lately—like real physical exhaustion. The good news is that I’m still keeping up with my workouts, and I’ve been making an effort to read more these last few days. Speaking of, […]