Virtual Coffee Date #2

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Howdy! It’s been 3 months since our last virtual coffee date, so we’re due for another, if I do say so myself. What say you?! I totally have a thing for mugs. I don’t know why, but I just love them. My sister bought me this mug 3 years ago. Isn’t it just adorable? Auntie Cess (as in chess) is what all my nieces and nephews call me. Seeing this mug certainly makes me miss them more.

Coffee l Virtual Coffee Date #2 l Love.Bake.Read

Anyway, back to our coffee date…

If we were having coffee together I’d tell you that My Love and I have begun thinking about what type of wedding we’d like to have. After 11 years, this is truly very exciting. We don’t have any set plans as of yet, but our wheels are turning. Well, one thing is certain—we’ll definitely get married in the fall. The fall colors are just too gorgeous to pass up. Trust me, I have lots of ideas…and I look forward to sharing them all with you one day. So tell me, what’s your ideal wedding? Or, what type of wedding did you have? Looking back now, would you change anything about your wedding?

Fall Colors l Virtual Coffee Date #2 l Love.Bake.Read
A Fall Walk Through the Woods (Previous Post)

I’d tell you that the weather here has been lovely the past few days. Today was 60 and sunny. In other words—perfect! Although, good weather like this means summer is on its way, and I can tell you I am none too thrilled about that. The humidity here is killer. Whew! The one plus of summer is feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. There’s nothing quite like it.

Love l Virtual Coffee Date #2 l Love.Bake.Read
Feeling the warmth of the sun – Grand Haven, MI 2005

I’d tell you that I need to eat better. I do so good all year long until the holidays hit…then it’s all downhill. Even my exercise routine starts to suffer. This will be my first 4-day workout week in a looong time. Super thrilled to get back on track. I also have to get back to eating healthier. I love the way I feel when I do. Don’t you just hate getting thrown off track? It makes it so hard to jump back on the wagon. You know? A work in progress…

Fitness Center l Virtual Coffee Date #2 l Love.Bake.Read
Early Morning Workouts

I’d tell you that My Love and I will be completely debt free within the next 1½ years. Once we hit that mark we’ll be heading to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Plaza in Brentwood, Tennessee to do our “debt free scream”. Hopefully, with any luck, we’ll get on his radio show. Sooo looking forward to that day. Right now we are complete homebodies on a budget in order to pay off all our debt—all student loan debt at this point. It’s hard to be so disciplined, but we know it’ll be 100% worth it one day. I’ll share our story here one day, I’m sure. Are you familiar with the Dave Ramsey’s debt payoff plan? If interested, start by reading his book The Total Money Makeover.

"The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey l Virtual Coffee Date #2 l Love.Bake.Read
I’ll try to snap a better picture at the library to replace this one.

Lastly, I’d tell you that I can’t wait to go on vacation again sometime. We last went on vacation 5 years ago. Ah, I know! We lived in Brooklyn at the time and we vacationed in Washington, DC for a few days. It was bliss. So much so…we moved here! A vacay is so long overdue for us. It’ll be so great planning a vacation knowing we’re debt free. Can’t wait to eat our way through a new city.

Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. l Virtual Coffee Date #2 l Love.Bake.Read
Washington, DC 2009

Now, your turn! If we were sipping coffee together, what would you tell me?

So lovely chatting with you! :o)

Until next time.

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