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Sleep—isn’t it wonderful? We slept in (a bit!) yesterday and today, which means we also missed another workout…eh, life happens. On Christmas day, we opened up our blinds to let the light shine in and found that our car was the only one in the parking lot. Felt a wee bit like “The Shining”.

Christmas Day l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read

We headed downstairs for our complimentary breakfast. Delightful! S had a jazzed up fruit and yogurt parfait, and I had a to-die-for waffle topped with cinnamon-sugar, dried fruit, and chopped nuts. Free! Can you believe it? Of course, we had all the bells and whistles too…coffee and orange juice. We sat and talked for a while before heading back up to our room to get ready for Christmas dinner (lunch, really) at my sister’s.

Waffle l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read

My sister has a pretty Christmas tree set up—tall and skinny like ours. My nephew even has his own little tree. How sweet is that? See that little pumpkin ornament on the lower left side? I bought that for Tommaso’s first Christmas. A pumpkin for Christmas you say? Why yes—he and I were both born in October. Well, his sister too, now!

Christmas Tree l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read Christmas Tree l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read

Speaking of my niece…oh my, she’s so cute it kills me! Just look at all her cuteness. Remember, she was supposed to wear a tutu for Christmas? Yeah, let’s just say she screamed her head off and I didn’t get a picture of her in it. The tutu really was adorable, though.

Family l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read Family l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read

Dinner was tasty—um, how did I not get a picture? I had some baked tortellini, cranberry sauce, and a fantastic tasting cheesy cauliflower dish my sister made. Mmm, super good! After dinner, came coffee. A delicious Keurig coffee to warm me up. You know how I love mugs? My sister appears to as well—except they are all of the Eeyore variety. Along with my coffee was a slice of apple pie and a peanut butter-fudge bar my brother made. I didn’t even know he could bake. He did good! I was craving some chocolate—you know, totally typical for a chocoholic. Next thing I know, my sister walks in the door with this super chocolaty turtle brownie from her mother-in-law’s. It was pretty much devoured by all within seconds. Chocolate, caramel, pecans…need I say more?

Coffee l Christmastime l Love.Bake.ReadTurtle Brownie l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read

That pretty much sums up our Christmas with my family. How was yours? Lovely, I hope! Christmas with S’s family is on the 27th. Looking forward…Steve’s cousin is bringing cheesecake. Yesssss!

Now on to today! We met up with S’s mom and brother for some sushi. We love sushi—love! I indulged in a crab roll with crunchy tempura bits and a salmon & avocado roll (with fried salmon). I just can’t do raw fish. The sushi was crunchy and creamy. In other words, perfect! Love it dipped in just a little bit of soy sauce.

Sushi l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read

After sushi, S and his brother had to help their dad move his truck from the driveway to the road (it stopped working). Check this out…too funny!

Family l Christmastime l Love.Bake.Read

We topped tonight off with a visit to the nursing home to see my gram. Her room is always about 85 degrees! Whew! I sat back and relaxed while giving S a foot rub. He’s pampered, I know.

Off to bed…zzz!

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