Christmastime 2.0

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Just like Thanksgiving, S’s family celebrates Christmas the day after, or well two days after…we celebrated yesterday. I love visiting with the kiddos. How sweet are Ms. Gorda (affectionate nickname) and little Kasey?

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For dinner, there was lots of food. I chose to keep it light with a huge plate of scrumptious salad and a decent serving of orzo salad (tomatoes, feta, red onion). Mmm! Again, no picture—what gives? Oooh, I also had some creamy artichoke dip. Dessert came in the form of this spectacularly creamy cheesecake topped with cherries. When I say creamy, I mean creamy. This cheesecake should be in restaurants, it’s that amazing. One of these days, I’ll ask Nicki for her recipe, or have her write a guest post. Really, you want this recipe. I promise.

Cherry Cheesecake l Christmastime 2.0 l Love.Bake.Read

After dessert, the kids opened their gifts. To my surprise, I also got a gift! Nicki so kindly gave me a homemade jar of brownie mix. How pretty is this jar? I want to keep it for decoration! Can’t wait to make these brownies. Yummy! So sweet of Nicki (thank you!). Yes, the same Nicki who baked that marvelous cheesecake.

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We had a lovely holiday trip and now we’re back home. We hit the road this morning at 5:15am (with a Timmy’s coffee in hand, of course). Definitely early—just the way we like it!

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We had to get home in time to stop by the leasing office to pick-up the keys to our new apartment. After an 8 hour trip today…we had to muster up the energy to clean our new place. It wasn’t dirty really, but we still wanted to wipe the cabinets down and vacuum before moving some things in tomorrow. Is there anything worse than moving? I mean really! It’s going to be a long few days. Our new place is $145 cheaper per month than our current apartment…sooo, it’s worth it. Also, just wait until you see our new view—yessss!

Traveling l Christmastime 2.0 l Love.Bake.Read

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