Monthly Archives: November 2013


Veggie, Black Bean & Tofu Soup

We’ve had a few cold days here in the DC area, but luckily fall and winter are mild around here compared to Michigan where I grew up. Even so, cold is cold, which means soup is for dinner! I adore soups because they are so warm and comforting. We recently had […]


Introducing My Niece

I love babies—love, love, love! I have a newborn baby niece, Natalia, and I can’t wait until Thanksgiving when I’ll see her for the first time. She’s just a doll! Definitely looking forward to squeezing her chubby cheeks. She is such a wee little chunky monkey. I absolutely love holding […]


Pinto Bean Burgers {Vegetarian} 3

I make vegetarian bean burgers in bulk every month…as in 60 at a time! They freeze perfectly. S eats them for lunch daily, unless we have leftovers from dinner, and I usually eat one for lunch once or twice per week as well. These bean burgers are made with pureed […]


Oreo Pumpkin Cookies

I have another lovely pumpkin cookie recipe for you today. I love pumpkin and Oreos, and although I wasn’t initially sold on the flavor combination, I couldn’t resist trying this recipe. Soooo happy I did! I completely loved them. This recipe is super easy and takes no time at all. These cookies are perfectly […]


Pumpkin Cookies {Egg-less}

These pumpkins cookies are addicting. Let’s just put that out there from the start. I promise you can’t eat just one. Who eats just one cookie anyway?! I loooove pumpkin! It gives cookies this lovely texture—soft, chewy, gooey…and perfectly moist! The cinnamon and allspice add just the right amount of […]

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

It took me just over a week, but I finally finished The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. Typically, I’m a little disappointed in the ending of his books, but this one was different. To my surprise, it was perfect. I loved it! As I said in my previous post, this book merged […]