Home for the Holiday

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Thanksgiving vacation has been good so far—it’s nice to have a few days off from everything. S and I took the weekend to relax and unwind. Then, at the start of the week, I settled in to the passenger seat with my blanket and smoothie and off we went. Traveling by car is not my favorite, but it’s cheap, which works for those on a strict budget like us.

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When we arrived here in our hometown it was snowing—it’s so, so cold! After not living here for 6+ years it’s hard to come back to such frigid weather. One of the first things we do when we arrive is head straight for a hot coffee at Tim Horton’s (affectionately called Timmy’s). Sooo creamy and soothing! Love a large coffee with 4 creams and 4 Splenda. It’s calorie free, right? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! ;o)

Tim Horton's Coffee l Home for the Holiday l Love.Bake.Read

This morning I met my niece for the first time—she’s almost 6 weeks old. Poor baby has been rather fussy (perhaps from acid reflux?), so I just held her and walked around the house, which seemed to settle her a bit. We also got to see our nephew again. Gosh, who knew 3 year olds had so much energy? He just runs and runs and runs. Energy for days! Silly as can be, too!

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We visited S’s parents earlier today to talk over coffee—our usual routine. His mom bought some peppermint mocha creamer for our coffee…mmm, so good! We got to meet their new puppy—a shih tzu named Casey. He’s just a ball of fur! Now, I’m not a huge animal person, but I like to at least look at cute puppies. I had fun trying to get a good picture of him.

Shih Tzu l Home for the Holiday l Love.Bake.Read

S has been so sick with a head cold, so we had to cancel our date night with my best friend and her boyfriend. Bummer! Hopefully, we can reschedule for Christmastime. Since S isn’t feeling well we returned to my parents’ house to relax. We had to bundle up with our hoodies on to keep warm.

Love l Home for the Holiday l Love.Bake.Read

Just after we settled in all nice and cozy, my mom asked if we wanted to go visit my grandma at the nursing home. We hopped up, headed for Timmy’s again, and then off to the nursing home we went. My grandma is there for rehab right now because she kept falling and injuring herself. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite remember S and me, although she does a good job of pretending. We’re pretty sure she has dementia, but she’s yet to be officially diagnosed. I meant to snap a picture of her, but completely forgot! I’ll have to remember to do so tomorrow.

I hope you all have a few days off to enjoy and prepare good food for the holiday. I have a few recipes in mind to make, both made with sweet potatoes. Mmm!

Grab a cozy blanket and take a minute to relax and enjoy!

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