Monthly Archives: November 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!

A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Today I am thankful for a wonderful life with S—filled with lots of love and peacefulness! I couldn’t ask for more.  What are you thankful for today? :o)


Home for the Holiday

Thanksgiving vacation has been good so far—it’s nice to have a few days off from everything. S and I took the weekend to relax and unwind. Then, at the start of the week, I settled in to the passenger seat with my blanket and smoothie and off we went. Traveling […]


Broccoli & Cheddar Potato Frittata

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! S and I topped our weekend off with this delicious broccoli and cheddar potato frittata. This is our second weekend in a row having it for dinner on Sunday. We bought 10-lbs. of potatoes on sale for $1.99 and even after […]


Virtual Coffee Date

Let’s have a virtual coffee and talk, shall we? I first came across the idea of a “virtual coffee date” on the blog Eat, Live, Run and I just love the idea. Basically, it’s as if you and I are conversing over a hot coffee (or whatever your little heart desires)—what […]


Homemade Dulce de Leche

I’ve begun making homemade coffee creamer using homemade dulce de leche. It’s pretty simple to make, and it gives the coffee creamer good caramel flavoring. It’s also delicious on its own…I could hardly keep from dipping my finger in it. The first time I made dulce de leche in the […]

Family Pictures by Jane Green 2

I finished reading Family Pictures by Jane Green over the weekend. Good book! I’ve read several of her books and have never been disappointed. It’s so easy to get caught up in her novels and just keep reading and reading. I found myself not wanting to put this book down. […]