Yearly Archives: 2013


Moving Time

I just wanted to drop in for a quick hello! We moved boxes all day yesterday—yes, that’s me stuffed into the car with no extra room to move. Luckily, we were only driving around the corner. No worries, I actually did buckle my seat belt. We took carloads of boxes to […]


Christmastime 2.0

Just like Thanksgiving, S’s family celebrates Christmas the day after, or well two days after…we celebrated yesterday. I love visiting with the kiddos. How sweet are Ms. Gorda (affectionate nickname) and little Kasey? For dinner, there was lots of food. I chose to keep it light with a huge plate […]



Sleep—isn’t it wonderful? We slept in (a bit!) yesterday and today, which means we also missed another workout…eh, life happens. On Christmas day, we opened up our blinds to let the light shine in and found that our car was the only one in the parking lot. Felt a wee bit […]


Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!! S and I got up bright and early this morning at 4am to shower, pack-up the car, and hit the road. Just as we did for Thanksgiving, we made the 8 hour trip to Michigan to spend the holiday with family. This is the first time we […]


Vegetarian Chili

Don’t you just love a bowl of warm chili on a cold winter day? I sure do. I used to make a fantastic turkey chili, but it’s been almost 7 months since S and I have eaten meat. So, we had to find a vegetarian chili to warm our souls. […]